Consolidated ICC code : Digital Interactive Media


Examples of how third parties, and where applicable website operators, can provide notice of the collection of data for OBA purposes include mechanisms like an icon that links to a disclosure either in or around the advertisement delivered on the web page where data for OBA purposes is collected or somewhere else on the web page; or through a web link to an industrydeveloped website(s) where third parties are individually listed.

Terms specific to advertising and marketing communications using digital interactive media

The following definitions relate specifically to this chapter and should be read in conjunction with the general definitions contained in the General Provisions:

  • the term “digital marketing communications” refers to marketing communications, using digital interactive media intended primarily to promote products or to influence consumer behaviour;
  • the term “individually addressed” refers to communication that is sent to an e-mail address, mobile telephone number (e.g. SMS) or other similar account linked to an identifiable individual who can be directly contacted personally through such address.

Chapter Scope : Digital media

This chapter applies to advertising and marketing communications using digital interactive media for the promotion of any form of goods and services. It supplements the Code’s General Provisions and chapter C on Direct Marketing with specific rules relevant to special issues presented by the nature of digital and interactive media, such as those on data collection.

Recommendations on best practice for customer redress and dispute resolution in online business can be found in the ICC documents “Putting it right” and “Resolving disputes online” (Available on ICC website).

This chapter sets standards of ethical conduct to be followed by all parties (e.g. marketers, agencies or media) involved with advertising and marketing communications using digital interactive media.

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