Consolidated ICC code : Direct maketing

Chapter Scope : Direct Marketing

This chapter applies to all direct marketing activities in their entirety, whatever their form, medium or content. It sets standards of ethical conduct to be followed by marketers, distributors, practitioners or other contractors providing services for direct marketing purposes, or in the media.

Terms specific to direct marketing

The following definitions relate specifically to this chapter and should be read in conjunction with the general definitions contained in the General Provisions:

  • the term “data controller” means the person or body that controls the purpose and means of the processing of personal data and its protection and use.;
  • the term “direct marketing” comprises all communication activities with the intention of offering goods or services or transmitting commercial messages, presented in any medium and aimed at informing and soliciting a response from the addressee, as well as any service directly related thereto;
  • the term “electronic media” refers to media services providing electronic communication such as electronic mail and Short Message Service (SMS);
  • the term “marketing list” means a list of contacts within a data base created or used for direct marketing purposes;
  • the term “operator” refers to any person, firm or company, other than the marketer, that provides a direct marketing service for or on behalf of the marketer;
  • the term “processing” means any operation, or set of operations, performed upon personal data;
  • the term “predictive dialler" means an automated dialler which will adjust the rate at which it dials and deliver answered telephone calls immediately to match operator availability;
  • the term “telemarketer” refers to any person, firm or company,  that performs a direct marketing service by telephone for or on behalf of the marketer;
  • the term “telemarketing” includes all marketing done by voice via telephone, landline, mobile or other device.

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