Consolidated ICC code : Sponsorship

Terms specific to sponsorship

The following definitions relate specifically to this chapter and should be read in conjunction with the general definitions contained in the General Provisions:

  • the term “audience” refers to the public, individuals or organisations to which a sponsorship property is directed;
  • the term “donations and patronage” refers to forms of altruism where money or goods may be given, with only negligible or no benefits, recognition or commercial return;
  • the term “media sponsorship” refers to sponsorship of a media property (e.g. television or radio broadcast, publication, cinema, internet, mobile or other telecommunication technology);
  • the term “product placement” refers to the inclusion of a product or brand so that it is featured within the content of a programme, film or publication, including online material, normally in return for payment or other valuable consideration to the programme or film producer, publisher or licensee;
  • the term “sponsor” refers to any corporation or other legal entity providing financial or other sponsorship support;
  • the term “sponsor-owned activity” refers to a property which appears to be a sponsorship but where the sponsor and the sponsored party are the same entity; for instance an event created and owned by a company/organisation for which it also has the intention or effect of being perceived as the sponsor of the event;
  • the term “sponsorship” refers to any commercial agreement by which a sponsor, for the mutual benefit of the sponsor and sponsored party, contractually provides financing or other support in order to establish an association between the sponsor's image, brands or products and a sponsorship property, in return for rights to promote this association and/or for the granting of certain agreed direct or indirect benefits;
  • the term “sponsored party” refers to any individual or other legal entity owning the relevant rights in the sponsorship property and receiving direct or indirect support from a sponsor in relation to the sponsorship property;
  • the term “sponsorship property” refers to an event, activity, organisation, individual, media or location.

Chapter Scope : Sponsorship

This chapter applies to all forms of sponsorship relating to corporate image, brands, products, activities or events of any kind. It includes sponsorship by both commercial and non-commercial organisations, including sponsorship elements forming part of other marketing activities such as sales promotion or direct marketing. The rules also apply to any sponsorship element of corporate social responsibility programmes. Sponsor-owned activities should comply, to the extent applicable, with the principles of this chapter.

This chapter does not apply to product placement, or to funding which lacks a commercial or communication purpose, such as donations or patronage, except where there is a sponsorship element.

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