Consolidated ICC code : Sales promotions

Contextual sales promotions

Terms specific to Sales promotions

The following definitions relate specifically to this chapter and should be read in conjunction with the general definitions contained in the General Provisions:

  • the term “promotional item” refers to any goods or services (or combination thereof) offered for a promotional purpose;
  • the term "consumer" refers to any person, company or organisation to whom any sales promotion is directed or who receives a benefit from it, either financially or in kind;
  • the term “prize promotion” refers to any skill contest or prize draw used in conjunction with a sales promotion activity;
  • the term “intermediary” refers to any person, company or organisation, other than the promoter, engaged in the implementation of any form of sales promotion;
  • the term “main product” refers to the goods or services (or combination thereof) being promoted;
  • the term “promoter” refers to any person, company or organisation by whom or on whose behalf a promotion is initiated.

Depending on the circumstances, any producer, wholesaler, retailer or other person in the marketing process may be a promoter, intermediary and/or consumer for the purposes of a particular sales promotion.

Chapter Scope : Sales Promotions

This chapter applies to marketing devices and techniques which are used to make products more attractive by providing some promotional item, whether in cash or in kind, or the expectation of such a benefit. The chapter applies irrespective of the form of distribution or of media, including digital (e.g. websites) and audiovisual media. It also applies to sales and trade incentive promotions, to editorial promotional offers and to those made by audiovisual media.

Promotions are usually temporary activities, but the chapter applies also to the long-term and permanent use of promotional techniques.

The chapter covers all forms of sales promotion, including

  • premium offers of all kinds;
  • reduced price and free offers;
  • the distribution of stamps, coupons, vouchers and samples;
  • charity-linked promotions;
  • prize promotions of all kinds, including incentive programmes;
  • promotional elements used in connection with other marketing communications, such as direct marketing or sponsorships.

The chapter does not cover the routine distribution of product supplements or accessories of a non-promotional nature.

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