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A new resource is now available to guide marketing professionals in dealing with many of the most challenging issues of the day. Offering best practice guidance that can apply across sectors, markets, technologies, platforms and approaches, this new tool will help companies build consumer trust by using high ethical standards when employing today’s and tomorrow’s most innovative techniques to market their products and services.



Regulator views

A Self-Regulatory Framework for Best Practice

The International Chamber of Commerce’s revised Consolidated Code of Advertising and Marketing is an effective and timely guide to best practices in communications. A self-regulatory framework, the Code represents industry’s proactive approach to rapidly-changing developments in marketing technology, tools and techniques.


Advertising agency views

If the fundamental dos and don’ts for responsible marketing are second nature they can help agencies save their clients time and money -- building trust while leaving more focus for creativity. A new resource is now available for professionals to learn and understand the globally applicable road signs for marketing practice and make it easier to develop effective and ethical campaigns….



Academic views

Students graduating from business schools are well trained in business theory and quantitative analysis but it is essential they are also given a firm foundation in making the ethical decisions that are critical in today’s business environment. The Consolidated ICC Code for Advertising and Marketing Communications Practice, revised and released in its 9th edition, provides a framework of ethical best practices and standards that are accepted worldwide.  In addition to the new Code, a classroom-ready module, designed specifically for use with business students, is also now available…



setting up a self-regulatory organization

A national code should be based on the ICC Code, adjusted where appropriate to reflect national circumstances, be it legal, economic or social and cultural… In some countries national codes have expanded beyond the basic ICC Code but the underlying principles remain the same.

EASA Guide to setting up a self-regulatory organization


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