Biography : Sheila Millar

Sheila Millar
Partner Keller and Heckman, Washington DC, USA

Sheila Millar joined Keller and Heckman in 1980. Ms. Millar counsels corporate and association clients on advertising, e-commerce,
product safety, and diverse regulatory compliance issues.

Ms. Millar works with corporate and association clients on a variety of regulatory and public policy issues. She counsels clients on advertising
issues, working on policy questions as well as claims and advertising challenges. She has special expertise in all issues related to the sale,
advertising and marketing of children's products and is a frequent speaker on environmental marketing. In addition, Ms. Millar helps
clients develop privacy and data security policies and manage trans-border data flows.

Ms. Millar counsels manufacturers, importers and retailers on risk management and product safety matters and was closely involved
in advocating on the recently-enacted Consumer Product Safety Improvements Act. Ms. Millar's environmental regulatory
expertise includes ozone depletion, global warming, clean air matters, energy use, and environmental claims

Biography : John F. Manfredi

John F. Manfredi
Managing Partner, Manloy Associates, Mendham, NJ

John F. Manfredi is Managing Partner of Manloy Associates, strategic consulting and communications group, and co-author of the best-selling book, Doing What Matters - How to Get Result That Make A Difference. He is one of the executives who turned around two global consumer products companies – Nabisco and Gillette.

As executive vice president in charge of investor relations and many other units for Nabisco, Mr. Manfredi helped raise the funds necessary to finance the huge LBO debt that resulted from the famed assault of the “barbarians.” He then worked to jump-start Nabisco after its shaky Initial Public Offering.

Mr. Manfredi moved to the Gillette Company with his co- author, James M. Kilts, the famed turnaround specialist. Working together, they reestablished Gillette’s credentials with Wall Street and the media. Mr. Manfredi was one of the few executives to deal with Procter & Gamble on the mega-merger of Gillette with P&G, the largest ever in the consumer products sector.

Mr. Manfredi has led a number of industry initiatives in the United States and worldwide as chairman of the Commission on Marketing & Advertising of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris and of the International Food Information Council in Washington, D.C.

His community and professional activities include more than a decade serving as chairman of the United States Olympic Committee in New Jersey and as a member of the boards for the United Way of New England, the Foundation for Teaching Economics in San Francisco and the Arthur Page Society.

Mr. Manfredi schooled at Yale College and Columbia University, where he received his B.A. and did graduate studies.

Biography : Eve Magnant

Eve Magnant

VP, Corporate Responsibility Director, Publicis Groupe

Eve Magnant is VP, Corporate Social Responsibility Director for Publicis Groupe. Previously, 2002-2008, she was VP, Corporate Communications Director for Publicis Groupe.

She joined Publicis in 1991 in charge of communication strategies in various sectors, expert in Corporate Communications. She was named Partner of Publicis Consultants in 1996, in charge of Corporate communications and Crisis management.

Before, she dedicated the first 3 years of her career leading public & press relations operations in the fields of Energy & Agribusiness.

Graduate in Executive MBA 2007 (HEC, Paris), Eve Magnant has two Masters Degrees – Political Science & Information Communication (Paris II), + an Industrial Strategy Degree.

Biography : Paolo Mazzoletti

Paolo Mazzoletti

Professor of Marketing,Luiss-Guido Carli University Rome, Italy

His professional activities in the last forty years range from top management positions in various international companies, Government Agencies and non profit organizations and consulting in the fields of corporate strategies, communication, international management and politics. He is also a consultant from time to time at the American Embassy in Rome for opinion polls on political elections in Italy and he has carried out numerous surveys on behalf of USIA (United States Information Agency).

Currently member of the Board and of the Executive Committee of CSA (Centro Studi Americani). The Center, chaired by Prof. Giuliano Amato, former Italian Prime Minister, is a very prestigious non profit organization, contributing at developing the mutual understanding and friendship between USA and Italy.

Currently Vice Chair of INTERCULTURA (American Field Service International), a non profit Foundation for intercultural learning, which is the leading organization in Italy promoting intercultural exchanges between students of different countries.

He serves in various Government Committees for the evaluation of “industrial innovation projects” presented for public funding in the framework of the Italian Government Program “Industria 2015”, aiming at financing projects able to enhance the International competitive position on the Italian economy.

President and owner of the market research company PRAGMA, specialized, among others, in the Tourism industry, Corporate positioning strategies and Brand management. Under his executive management this company expanded into one of the largest and most renowned marketing and opinion polling organizations in Italy and Europe. 1981 -1996.

Various management positions in Italy at EXXON- Mobil, which include Advertising Director, Marketing Director, Non-Oil Activities Division Head and Executive Vice President Public Affairs. 1966-1981.

He has served for over ten years as National Vice President and President of the Rome chapter of AISM (Italian Marketing Studies Association) and has been a member of ESOMAR for over twenty years.

He has written numerous books, articles, essays and contributions to conferences and seminars in the area of management, with special attention on marketing, communication and politics. His manuel: Marketing Management per il Decision Maker, Luiss University Press, Roma, 2003, has been adopted as a text book in various Universities and Masters Programs.

Biography : Brent Sanders

Brent Sanders

Associate General Counsel, Microsoft Corporation

Brent Sanders is an Associate General Counsel with Microsoft Corporation where he leads the Advertising, Promotions and Retail legal team and is the primary legal counsel to the Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Microsoft. Brent and his team serve as trusted advisors to several thousand marketers and retail professionals at Microsoft. He is responsible for the legal management of Microsoft’s global advertising and marketing campaigns and Microsoft’s primary agency relationships. Brent and his legal team provide corporate-wide review of Microsoft’s advertising and marketing, product packaging, PR, contests, sweepstakes, and promotions. Additionally, Brent’s team oversees the Worldwide Retail Sales & Marketing channel responsible for the distribution, marketing and promotion of 29 consumer software and hardware products categories, including Xbox games & consoles.

Brent is actively involved in self-regulatory and new legislative developments that impact the advertising community. He is a member of the Association of National Advertisers Legal Affairs Committee, the Children’s Advertising Review Unit Supporters Council of the Better Business Bureau and the Commission on Marketing & Advertising of the International Chamber of Commerce.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Brent was a partner in the Seattle office of Perkins Coie LLP, where he advised clients on legal matters related to advertising, promotions and intellectual property. He received his J.D. from Pierce Law, his LL.B. from the University of Victoria and his B.Sc. from the University of Calgary.

Biography : Anders Stenlund

Anders Stenlund

Director & Senior Policy Manager, Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, Stockholm, Sweden

Anders Stenlund is a lawyer and an economist and has a long career in the fields of competition and marketing. In 2001 he joined the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise as the senior policy manager for competition law, marketing and consumer policy. Prior to that he worked for the Federation of Swedish Industries as head of the Unit for Competition, State Aid, Public Procurement and Consumer Policy. He came to that position after many years as a consultant to i.a. the advertising industry.

Mr Stenlund has been a member of numerous government committees, such as the Commissions on Anti-Cartel Policies and Modernisation, and the Committee on the implementation of the EC Directive on Unfair Commercial Practices.

He heads up the focal point network called the Swedish Business Committee on Market Law.

Over the past decades, Mr Stenlund has served several terms as a Member of the Swedish Market Court, a specialized tribunal and the final instance for competition and marketing cases.

Mr Stenlund holds a B.Sc. from the Stockholm School of Economics, and a B.L. from the University of Stockholm.

Biography : Hubert van Breemen

Hubert van Breemen

Senior Advisor Consumer Affairs, Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers VNO-NCW, The Hague, The Netherlands

1992 – until now
Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers VNO-NCW Responsible for: Consumer policy, legislation and enforcement, Commercial communication, Consumer health and safety, quality, standardization, certification and accreditation, some specific subjects on corporate social responsibility, environment and sustainable consumption and production (like ISO Standard 26000 Green Public Procurement); and, supply chain responsibility; participates in BusinessEurope, BIAC, and International Chamber of Commerce on these subjects.

1981 until 1992
Ministry of Health
Subjects: consumer safety. Drafted general Policy paper to Parliament on consumer safety issues, new product safety legislation and enforcement structure.

1977 until 1981
Ministry of Economic Affairs
Subject: consumer policy.

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