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Article 23 – Responsibility

These general rules on responsibility apply to all forms of marketing communications. Rules on responsibility with special relevance to certain activities or media can be found in the chapters devoted to those activities and media.

Responsibility for the observance of the rules of conduct laid down in the Code rests with the marketer whose products are the subject of the marketing communications, with the communications practitioner or agency, and with the publisher, media owner or contractor.

Marketers have overall responsibility for the marketing communications of their products.

Agencies or other practitioners should exercise due care and diligence in the preparation of marketing communications and should operate in such a way as to enable marketers to fulfil their responsibilities.

Publishers, media owners or contractors, who publish, transmit, deliver or distribute marketing communications, should exercise due care in the acceptance of them and their presentation to the public.

Individuals employed by a firm, company or institution falling into any of the above categories and who take part in the planning, creation, publication or transmission of a marketing communication are responsible, to an extent commensurate with their respective positions, for ensuring that the rules of the Code are observed and should act accordingly.

The Code applies to the marketing communication in its entire content and form, including testimonials and statements, and audio or visual material originating from other sources. The fact that the content or form of a marketing communication may originate wholly or in part from other sources does not justify non-observance of the Code rules.



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