Business Action for Responsible Marketing and Advertising (BARMA) is an ICC-led initiative to facilitate the spread of self-regulation and reinforce its effectiveness by promoting greater application and reach of ICC’s internationally-agreed codes for advertising and marketing practice.

A module has been developed in partnership the international business school INSEAD specially tailored to educate on the ethical responsibilities of the profession and the role of self-regulation in preserving business’ license to advertise its products and services.

The module is a 90-minute presentation that includes fundamentals of the Code in a case-study format, with international case-studies including China, India, UK, France, South Africa, USA etc.

This module is made available free-of-charge to professors and self-regulatory organisations, and our sole request is to complete the registration form provided below to download the module. The information provided will assist us in determining where the module is being used to follow up with updates and case examples as we collect them, as well as to help us gather materials with representation from around the world.

We welcome and appreciate your comments, input or case contributions to further modules. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us