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The Codes Centre is a one-stop resource on ethical best practice for everyone involved in marketing and advertising products worldwide. The site is a comprehensive resource that features a searchable online version of the Code with downloads and translations in a growing number of languages, as well as companion resources, including links to country-specific self-regulatory codes from around the world.

The site has been structured in a user-friendly manner that allows viewers from different backgrounds requiring specific information to navigate the pages easily and obtain information suitable to their relative needs. The site takes into account the perspectives and needs of the different audiences, with four key view access points:

  • Marketer
  • Advertising agency
  • Regulator
  • Academic

Included in these sections is in an introduction explaining how the Code applies and is useful for each audience and a toolkit of materials to help understand the Code; to employ or apply best practice marketing; or to train others to do so.

The Code
The Consolidated ICC Code of Advertising and Marketing Communication Practice is presented in a way that allows simple and direct access to relevant sections of interest and includes a search engine that displays the appropriate sections of the Code corresponding to keywords. Definitions pop-up by hovering over terms and general principles are cross-referenced to the specific sections providing a listing of related articles where appropriate.

The shortcut toolbar on the top of the page enables easy navigation throughout the General Provisions of the Code and a browse menu permits direct access to the individual chapters of the Code.

Codes around the World
This reference section of the site has been provided to enable viewers to access information relevant to their specific country. This includes information on the local ICC national committee, associations, as well as links to the self-regulatory organization where any local codes that are available can be found.

Other complementary elements of the site are brought together to provide a wholistic and useful approach to the Code and the promotion of responsible marketing communications.

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