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The Commission on Marketing and Advertising brings together the world’s top experts on advertising and marketing self-regulation, regulation and ethical best practices in marketing communications. This group represents a wide range of global expertise with professionals from trade and sectoral associations, self-regulatory bodies, and companies from every sector of the marketing and advertising industry.

One of the Commission’s key functions centres on monitoring marketing issues in the industry and determining appropriate guidance, tools or codes to address these issues. Experts are brought together from the relevant sectors and the guidance is developed through an intense consultation process. As part of this mandate, the Commission has revised the Consolidated ICC Code of Advertising and Marketing Communication Practice to reflect changes in the industry.

For the revision of the Consolidated ICC Code of Advertising and Marketing Communication Practice the various Chapters were distributed within the Commission’s Task Force and Working Groups – Task Force on Code Revision, Working Group on Digital Media and Working Group on Sustainability. The Chair and members of the Task Force and Working Group contribute their vast expertise in these fields and their regular contact with stakeholders and industry members for arising issues and updates. Each working group proceeded to review the text in conjunction with experts and update it in line with changes in the industry. The objective was to ensure that the Code was current to cover rapidly-changing technology, tools and techniques while keeping the guidance broad enough to adapt to different contexts and to stay relevant to changes up ahead.

The working groups consolidated revisions and consulted the wider Commission membership.  Drafts were sent to National Committees on at least two occasions to review and comment after consulting with their national associates and local experts.  Comments and feedback provided from members and national committees were taken into consideration for further refinements of the text.  Consensus views are shaped during this process and the result is a global Code that is relevant, comprehensible, appropriate, proportionate, and serves its primary purpose of building consumer trust.

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