7 Examples of Amazing Creative Advertising

There are several examples of fabulous creative advertising that have wowed audiences across the globe. These are inspirational in the sense that they motivate others to work harder towards finding what is called the secret sauce in the advertising industry.  This has as much to do with on-the-ground innovation as it has to do with creative ways of getting the message across. There are numerous leading brands which have managed to hit the sweet spot in terms of garnering eyeballs and making a true impact upon the customer base.

Here’s taking a closer look at the same:

  • Seed Bombing (McDonald’s) – The seed bomb advertisement was created by Sean Click. It is a novel concept which infuses vibrant logos into freeways. The advertisement also stands out for the smartly chosen geography by Click. The California Poppies are the flowers chosen and they are the official flower of the State, which cannot be dug up legally. Hence, the symbolism behind it was that destroying the advertisement would be illegal as well! Seed bombing was a fantastic and original concept for advertising. This is still regarded as a major benchmark in the global ad industry.
  • Reverse Graffiti (Domino’s) – Domino’s undertook various experiments with reverse graffiti for this particular advertising campaign. This has water and detergent undergoing washing over a stencil that is uniquely positioned. This creates a contrast between the spots which are stenciled and clean and the street which is dirty. It is an environment-friendly creation without a doubt.
  • Emergency Add-On (Axe) – Axe came up with an idea where the running man is actually getting away from lusty ladies, and not any burning fire, driven by the scent of the fragrance.
  • FedEx Trucks – These trucks are large and symbolize the brand. FedEx is aware of their role in its branding and they are a fabulous advertising tool as well. The trucks are their moving advertisements and their distinctive look sets them apart.
  • Bumble – Bumble offers a fun play on how dating is still essential, even during the pandemic. Locked up with a date, sharing take-out and watching Netflix feels just right. This was the creative message that the brand could convey successfully.
  • KitKat – KitKat wins brownie points for one of its graphics made by a fan. This had Zoom calls and meetings with KitKat neatly juxtaposed in between as a worthy break. It was fun and creative above everything else, while driving home the message of the brand to perfection.
  • Red Bull – Red Bull had a winner with its #PutACanOnIt campaign. This campaign encouraged its consumers to share their creative sides, through taking photographs of Red Bull with almost anything in a fun manner. The campaign became viral with the trending hashtag observed throughout social media platforms. The advertisement also generated huge awareness, while driving considerable user engagement with the brand as well.

These are instances of successful advertising campaigns that have hit bull’s eye on various counts.

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