10 Types of Advertising & Marketing Explained with Examples

Advertising and marketing are distinctly differentiated aspects. The former is a strategy for marketing which helps companies promote brands, services, and products. Marketing is the overall strategy, of which advertising is one part. Marketing involves building businesses with diverse types of advertising deployed for this purpose. Here are ten types of advertising and marketing that are listed for your perusal:

  • Online search advertising- High internet usage and increasing searches have made several companies leverage online search advertising. These involve several techniques including PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, enabling ads to show up in front of the audience in a non-intrusive or non-abrupt manner. Other forms include display banners, native ads (which are not noticed as ads), and more.
  • Social media advertising- This is where brands and offerings are promoted on social media platforms, engaging in a more authentic manner with audiences while personalizing ads to suit the demographics or audiences targeted on the basis of several parameters. This encompasses advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and many other platforms.
  • Print advertising- This equates to advertisements across newspapers, brochures, and magazines, along with other printed material.
  • Direct Mailers- Snail mail is still a unique advertising method for several companies, with studies indicating how 55% of people actually look forward to receiving the same. Direct mail helps in sending promotional material, coupons, and news about the company. QR codes are used extensively for helping people get online for more engagement.
  • Broadcast, television, and video advertising- This is about creating and posting video content based on scripts. These can be television advertising or other online commercials/infomercials.
  • OOH (out of home) advertising- This is advertising through billboards and other outdoor infrastructure. This can include moving transportation, billboards, advertising on the street through banners and placards, and so on.
  • Mobile advertising- This is push-notifications and alerts via SMS-es to targeted customers. This may include promotions or news while usually containing URLs/links to targeted sites or landing pages.
  • Product Placement- Several shows, movies, and other content have products which are placed strategically within them for promotional purposes. Audiences love drinking the favourite beverages of their preferred characters, or dressing in their beloved brands. You get the drift!
  • Consumer-generated advertising- This revolves around advertisements or promotional material that are driven by user-generated content. This is trusted more by potential customers with higher click-through rates online. Influencers are often hired to create these kinds of content pieces.
  • Radio and podcast advertising- There are several options for advertising products through jingles and voice-overs on radio channels or even through podcasts.

These are some of the top advertising techniques that are in vogue today. Some of them may be non-digital in nature, although they are still relevant. However, digital platforms are clearly the place to be, as far as finding customers quickly and in larger numbers are concerned. However, it requires time, planning, efficient resource management, and innovation. At the end of the day, innovation is the cornerstone of great advertising.


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