Consolidated ICC code

Article 7 – Use of 'free' and 'guarantee'

The term "free", e.g. “free gift” or “free offer”, should be used only

  • where the offer involves no obligation whatsoever; or
  • where the only obligation is to pay shipping and handling charges which should not exceed the cost estimated to be incurred by the marketer, or
  • in conjunction with the purchase of another product, provided the price of that product has not been increased to cover all or part of the cost of the offer.

Marketing communications should not state or imply that a “guarantee”, “warranty” or other expression having substantially the same meaning, offers the consumer rights additional to those provided by law when it does not. 
The terms of any guarantee or warranty, including the name and address of the guarantor, should be easily available to the consumer and limitations on consumer rights or remedies, where permitted by law, should be clear and conspicuous.



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  • Article A2 – Terms of the offer
    Sales promotions should be so devised as to enable the consumer to identify the terms of the offer easily and clearly, including any limitations.Care should be taken not to exaggerate the value of the promotional item or to obscure or conceal the price of the main product...

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Consolidated ICC Code

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