Consolidated ICC code

Article 2 – Honesty

Marketing communications should be so framed as not to abuse the trust of consumers or exploit their lack of experience or knowledge.

Relevant factors likely to affect consumers’ decisions should be communicated in such a way and at such a time that consumers can take them into account.



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  • Article A3 – Presentation
    A sales promotion should not be presented in a way likely to mislead those to whom it is addressed about its value, nature or the means of participation.Any marketing communication regarding the sales promotion, including activities at the point of sale, should be in stri...
  • Article A2 – Terms of the offer
    Sales promotions should be so devised as to enable the consumer to identify the terms of the offer easily and clearly, including any limitations.Care should be taken not to exaggerate the value of the promotional item or to obscure or conceal the price of the main product...
  • Article A1 – Principles governing sales promotions
    All sales promotions should deal fairly and honourably with consumers. All sales promotions should be so designed and conducted as to meet reasonable consumer expectation associated with the advertising or promotion thereof. The administration of sales promotions and th...

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Consolidated ICC Code

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