EASA - European Advertising Standards Alliance

EASA is a network of 54 organizations committed to making sure advertising is legal, decent, honest and truthful.

EASA's membership is made up of 27 European self-regulatory organisations and 11 international SROs and 16 ad industry associations, including representatives from the advertisers, the agencies and the media. Together they work to promote responsible advertising through effective self-regulation.

In 2012, EASA's European members received 62,232 complaints, whilst EASA's international members received 17,458 complaints.

These figures are far larger than is likely to realistically be addressed in one year through the official legal system. The magnitude of complaints registered suggests the ease with which consumers (who file the most complaints) can take advantage of the typically cost-free availability of an SRO.  

Over recent years, the outcome of complaints has stayed fairly constant, with between 30-40% of complaints being found in breach of the advertising code and less than half of complaints not upheld, i.e. the advertiser was found to have behaved in accordance with the self-regulatory guidelines.