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Vice Chair: Anders Stenlund

Anders Stenlund

Director of Legal Affairs, Competition and Consumer Policy

Anders Stenlund is a lawyer and an economist and has a long career in the fields of competition and marketing. In 2001 he joined the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise as the senior policy manager for competition law, marketing and consumer policy. Prior to that he worked for the Federation of Swedish Industries as head of the Unit for Competition, State Aid, Public Procurement and Consumer Policy. He came to that position after many years as a consultant to i.a. the advertising industry.

Mr Stenlund has been a member of numerous government committees, such as the Commissions on Anti-Cartel Policies and Modernisation, and the Committee on the implementation of the EC Directive on Unfair Commercial Practices.

He heads up the focal point network called the Swedish Business Committee on Market Law.

Over the past decades, Mr Stenlund has served several terms as a Member of the Swedish Market Court, a specialized tribunal and the final instance for competition and marketing cases.

Mr Stenlund holds a B.Sc. from the Stockholm School of Economics, and a B.L. from the University of Stockholm.